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All ten of the world's highest mountains are in the Himalayas mountain range, a mountain range in Asia, separating the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. The Himalayan mountain range stretches across six countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

It is not alway easy to distinguish between a mountain with multiple peaks and separate mountains. Below are what is considered the top 10 highest peaks, not counting secondary peaks which may also be very high.

Also out of interest, the highrest peak on the Moon is Mons Huygens at 4,700 metres (15,420 ft).

the Himilayas from Nepal the Himilayas from Nepal


Mountain Country Height (m) Height (ft)
1. Everest Nepal / Tibet 8,848 29,029
2. K2 (Chogori or Godwin-Austin) Pakistan / China 8,611 28,251
3. Kanchenjunga Nepal / Sikkim 8,586 28,169
4. Lhotse Nepal / Tibet 8,516 27,940
5. Makalu Nepal / Tibet 8,485 27,838
6. Cho Oyu Nepal 8,188 26,864
7. Dhaulagiri I Nepal 8,167 26,795
8. Manaslu Nepal 8,163 26,781
9. Nanga Parbat Pakistan 8,126 26,660
10. Annapurna I Nepal 8,091 26,545


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