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To be technically correct, the top 10 animals of this list should be all whales, as there are a lot of different whale species which would all be heavier than the African Elephant. Just to make this list more varied, they have not been included. The Whale Shark is included, as it is not a whale, but a shark. (I have included two types of elephant anyway). More sharks (such as the Basking Shark) would also make this list if all sharks were considered. These weight are just average weights, there would be individual animals that woul dweight much more, and for some of these animals it is quite hard to get an accurate weight measurement (as you can imagine). Where do you get a scale to weigh an elephant?

Animal weight (kg) weight (lb) notes
1. Blue Whale 190,000 418,878  
2. Whale Shark 11,800 26,000 The heaviest specimen ever found (in March 1994) weighed 36,000 kg. The Whale Shark also has the thickest skin of any animal, measuring up to 6 inches (15 cm) on the back. 
3. African Elephant 5,000 11,023  
4. Indian Elephant 4,000 8,818  
5. White rhinoceros 2,200 4,850  
6. Hippopotamus 2,000 4,409  
7. Giraffe 1,200 2,646  
8. Crocodile 1,100 2,425  
9. Asian gaur 900 1,984  
=10. Bison 800 1,764  
=10. Kodiak bear 800 1,764  
=10. Yak 800 1,764  
=10. Giant Eland 800 1,764  
=10. Alaskan Moose 800 1,764  

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Old Comments

  • Alaska (Steller) sea lion weighs 1100 Kg. Yet, it is not listed (actually the walrus and the two elephant seals are heavier - ed).
  • A bear? Are you sure? It seems a little bit weird. What's a gaur anyway? What does it look like? Thanks for the info! (from Olivia, Feb 2013)
  • What about walruses? They can grow well over 1 metric tonne. (from Florian, Feb 2013)
  • 3 dinosaurs are larger than blue whale. Here are the dinosaurs.

    Sauroposeidon-the tallest animal,90 feet tall.
    Amphicoelias-the longest animal,142 feet long.
    Bruthayakisaurus-the heaviest animal ,100,000,000 kg.

    blue whale is only 81 feet tall and 122 feet long and 190,000 kg.
    That means you gotta add those 3 dinosaurs to your list.
  • You forgot the humpback whale, finback whale and the sperm whale. Im only eight and i now this. ┬áThe finback whale is heavier than the whale shark. It is 160,000 pounds. I now that and i'm just 8 years old dummy. You better start doing more research buddy. (from Treydon Lunot, Nov 2012)
  • but in snakes anaconda is the most heaviest snake? (from richa, Nov 2012)
  • I really can't believe that blue whales weight 190,000 kg, Thankx for the information. (from Anant Pai, Oct 2012)
  • This should be all whales! (from Guy, Oct 2012)
  • I found this very interesting. I am 11 and own a horse of my own, and I was actually expecting them to be on the list. But, you do learn something new everyday! (from Molly Barnes from the UK, May 2012)
  • You forgot the southern elephant seal that weigh in at up to 6,6oo lbs. (from ph, May 2012)
  • How about the gorilla? (from Geoff April 2012)
  • I'm so suprised that a bison and a kodiak bear, a yak, a giant elgland [what ever that is], and a alaskan moose all weighed the same. And did you know that a blue whale is bigger than dinosaurs? (from March 2012)