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Top of this list is the Indo-Pacific Sailfish, Istiophorus platypterus. It has been measured in excess of 110 km/h (68 mph) over short periods. This fish grows to over 3.4 m in total length and 100 kg in weight. (more about the Sailfish)

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For all those commenters who have suggested that the Mako Shark should be on this list, wikipedia quotes the the shortfin mako's speed has been recorded at 50 kilometres per hour (31 mph) with bursts of up to 74 kilometres per hour (46 mph). That swimming speed is not enough to make this list.

  max. recorded speed
  FISH (kph) (mph)
1. Sailfish 110 68
2. Marlin 80 50
3. Wahoo 78 48
4. Tunny 74 46
5. Bluefin tuna 70 44
6. Great blue shark 69 43
=7. Bonefish 64 40
=7. Swordfish 64 40
=9. Four-winged flying fish 56 35
=9. Tarpon 56 35

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Old Comments

  • Oh yes, dolphin fish (fish, also know as Mahi Mahi) are completely different to the dolphin (mammal). Mako sharks may be very fasst but not fast enough to make the list. Not everythingin the sea is a fish e.g. Squid, whale, seaweed, crocadiles, and sea snakes. Don't make yourselvese look like absolute idiots when commenting. (from Mike, Feb 2013)
  • Just to let everyone know in 3rd position it would have wrote dolphin fish not plain dolphin .... Two different species .....dolphin fish = wahoo same thing (from Harry, Jan 2013) - actually it is the Mahi-mahi that is also known as the dolphinfish.
  • Whale is the fastest
  • Northern pike up to 40 mph (from seannp, Jan 2013)
  • the sailfish wins no doubt but the next 4 are 50/50 not much in that,! it would be good to see them battle it out for second
  • the dolphin is not a fish. i don't why you guys keep saying its the fastest fish (from zayd, Jan 2013)
  • It is ponty (from ashley, Jan 2013)
  • *facepalm* why do so many people think that dolphins are fish? they are mammals like we are, thank-you for this list it is very interesting, and people really need to learn the difference, just because it lives in the water does not mean its a fish, a crab, dolphin, squid, sea-snake are all differnt. (from Epicenegade, Nov 2012)
  • Mako Shark missing from list in the #3 slot, possibly even #2 (from Captain Andy Johnstone, Nov 2012)
  • Dolphins, orcas, whales are not fish, but how fast is the barricuda, not the hemi powered one lol but the fin driven one. (from dragula, Oct 2012)
  • sword fish are faster than cheetahs! (from swordfishy, Oct 2012)
  • A sloth is the slowest mammal on land but fastest in the water (H2O). (from Tony, Oct 2012)
  • "It has been measured" by who? When? How? (from Jim, Sept 2012)
  • I like fish. i eat them a lot and they are good. But only when  they are dead because when they are alive they are disgusting and slimy!!!! EWWWWWW!! they make these ugly gestures with their mouth and they eat worms! I have nothing against worms but EATING THEM??! I know they are animals and all but that is a little bit extreme. I don't know how i can stand them. And why the heck I'm not a vegetarian yet! Eh, i love my meat but today, i think its a safe conclusion that fish are way better dead and cooked and spiced and fried and grilled and lemon-ed. Ha ha. Thanks for reading! (Fish+Dead+Cooked=Delicious) (from PicklezRus! (i also like cheese), Sept 2012)
  • Re the 2012 Olympics, Per my calculations, Bolt won the 100m sprint going 23.23MPH and the 200m at 23.16MPH. In the 4x100 relay, where 3 participants had running starts, the speed was 24.29 MPH. In winning the 100m butterfly, Michael Phelps went 4.37MPH. The the 50m freestyle was won at 5.24MPH. I've done 21 of these '12 Olympics calculations. (from Herman Heyn, Aug 2012)
  • A cheetah goes about 70mph, so a sailfish (healthy adult one) goes almost as fast as a mature cheetah!!! (from Bobby Johanes, July 2012)
  • Some silly statements here. If it lives in water it's a fish.
  • I thought dolphin is the fastest fish in the planet . (from richard, July 2012)
  • wikipedia should not be used for referencing anything. it is able to be changed by anyone at anytime. makes it unreliable. however it can be used to get ideas. (from V J in stillwater ok, June 2012)
  • I think you forgot about sea cucumbers. Man there fast! (from Mike, June 2012)
  • Dolphin the fish is in fact called dolphin, but restaurants call it mahi-mahi (its native south american name) so there isn't confusion.  No one wants to eat flipper. (from Kirk, June 2012)
  • Hi, what speed is the giant trevally capable of reaching? Thanks (from Tony, June 2012)
  • Bareeth thikil pandi mammals why not fast in mph that very slow in animal (from Rajamohamed, June 2012)
  • Sword fish and sail fish and all the fish with swords are just so fast (from Gino, June 2012)
  • dolphin must be in the list for it is vary fast (from yakub, May 2012)
    • but Dolphins only 20 mph! shouldn`t be better than shark! (from vishal, May 2012)
  • Mako shark should be included in the list because it very fast too (from fatiu abiola,from ilado area of bdy, May 2012)
    • Mako Sharks clocks up to only 30mph hence its not in the list. Source - Discovery channel (10 deadliest sharks) (from Sanish, May 2012)
  • Where are the blue whales don't they have any advantage of their size? (May 2012)
  • the mako shark is very fast it should be on the list. (from jhon, May 2012)
  • I know cats are not fish but where would they rank on this list (from ian, April 2012)
  • Mako shark should be on that list .. mistake somewhere (from Hans ash (April 2012)
  • I didn't see the DOLPHINS on this list or were there a mistake somewhere (from Emmanuel, April 2012)
    • A dolphin is not a fish so it would not be on this list (from adam)
    • Dolphins aren't fish.  Dolphins are mammals.  Do a little research before making foolish comments. (from Mark)
    • Dolphin, fish or mammal? Some of the confusion comes from TV shows like FLIPPER and/or where one was raised. Coastal North Carolinans were taught Flipper was a Porpoise and the Dorado(Mahi-Mahi) was a fish referred to as a Dolphin incorrectly. Like wise our Albaore are actually False Albaore. (from Capt Jerry, April 2012)
  • what about squid ? I know its faster enough. (from  hakim abdallah , kilifi KE, March 2012)
    • Squid are not fish.
  • What about the Mako shark? I thought they were able to reach 70-80 mph? (from Shaine, March 2012)
    • Mako shark 46 mph per wikipedia (from asonny, Feb 2012)
  • The Shortfin mako would, if included, rank in the top half of this list :) (from Hampus, Dec 2011)
  • I know they are not fish but where dolphins rank in this list? (from Simon Miller, Aug 2011)
    • Dolphins at burst speeds can reach 18 - 20 mph (from andy, Nov 2011) - but they are not fish!
  • Hard to imagine the great barracuda not making this list. How fast might they be? (from Drew Metal, Apr 2011)
    • Barracuda are capable of short bursts of speed up to 43 kmph, and are hence nowhere close to the top! (from Dileepan, Feb 2012)


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