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Are you planning to spend some hard-earned vacation time on glistening, sandy beaches and explore new cruising destinations? We are here to make this journey easy for you and satisfy your yearnings for all things sun and sea. 

This article will guide you about the best-cruising destinations in the world to help you choose where you need to visit as per your needs and preferences. 

Our  ultimate travel bucket list for best-cruising destinations includes the following places:

1. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands tour will allow you to experience a plethora of unique, unseen birds and other species of sea lions, tortoises, and iguanas. Traveling Galapagos using an adventure cruise makes it an easy journey and is best suitable for experiencing the wonders of these islands.  You can find more details here

Galapagos is a UNESCO world heritage site and is also a part of the natural park system that covers 95% of its area. You won’t find the rush of tourists at this destination as it is kept as pristine as possible. Famous destinations in Galapagos are:

You will have some amazing experiences at the Galapagos islands; these memories will last a lifetime.

2. Vietnam

The cruise trip will aid you in exploring the beauty and biodiversity of Vietnam. It has become a popular destination to visit due to the plethora of charming small towns and cities besides the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. 

People interested in exploring old temples of Buddhists, POW camps, and city of Ho Chi Minh, must add Vietnam to their travel bucket list. The Nung River of Vietnam is a famous site as it is the place of many historical wars. 

It has many real-life stories that can be discovered by exploring the area. The cruise along the Vietnam River allows you to travel around this area and discover the magical cultural patterns of Vietman’s historic era. Aqua Expeditions provides the best suitable services to reach Siem Reap during the low water season.  

cruising halong bay cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam

3. Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park in Indonesia is a must-visit place to add to your bucket list because of its incredible underwater beauty. This park is located in Indonesia between the Islands of Flores and Sumbawa.  

This is a site of UNESCO world heritage. Wildlife lovers are able to discover and enjoy the richest underwater biodiversity on earth by exploring this Komodo National park on a cruise.

A liveaboard cruise at Komodo National Park gives the best opportunity to observe sharks, sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and 1000+ species of fish. Along with the fascinating komodo dragon, whose ancestor was the dinosaurs. Experience this breathtaking natural beauty and also enjoy the journey by swimming in pristine waters. 

4. Panama Canal

The Panama canal is a 90-kilometer waterway that takes around 8 to 10 hours to travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. It is the shortest route between the Pacific and the Atlantic. 

Amazon Rainforests are the main curiosity of visitors to the Panama Canal. This journey will also introduce you to the beautiful occurrence of the light-colored Solimoes River and the Dark-colored Negro River. We assure you that adding this cruising destination will leave you awestruck and surprised.

5. Alaska

Alaska is a famous cruise destination, more commonly referred to as the land of the midnight sun. It could be the best choice for you if you are enthusiastic about watching wildlife, including bears, whales, orcas, sea otters, and eagles. 

Most of the cruise to this destination depart from Seattle or Vancouver to Juneau and also passes through other places, including glacier-dotted fjords, which will leave you in wonder. 

cruising the Milford Sound cruising the sound

6. Norwegian Fjords

Being a nature lover, you would love to experience cruises passing through fantastic waterfalls, snow-peaked fjords mountains, and watching wildlife. It may not be your usual idea of a sun, sea, and sand vacation, but it will make memories for a lifetime.

So, adding Norwegian Fjords to your travel bucket list will allow you to experience these majestic sceneries and introduce you to a magical world of stunningly beautiful Northern lights. 

7. Antarctica

To enjoy an endless adventure in a polar region, plan a visit to Antarctica. It has some wonderful sights, from its breathtaking sceneries and stunning landscapes. The diverse wildlife also attracts tourists here to see them in their true environment. 

The quality that makes Antarctica a unique place is that it is the least visited place on earth. This characteristic makes it even a more attractive place to visit on an adventure cruise. 

You will find endless sea ice, majestic glaciers, and a number of mountains in this place. Penguins, porpoises, dolphins, and the sea lions of Antarctica are not found in any other place in the world. 

Have Fun!

Make your own preferred bucket list out of the above-mentioned cruising destinations.  Cruising destination trips with your family or partners offers a lot of things. During such trips, activities such as entertainment, meals, live music, watching movies, and certain other adventures are just at your fingertips.  

Don’t wait anymore. Gear up and plan your cruising bucket list to experience some memorable days of your life.



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