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This is a list of the inhabited places with the highest total annual rainfall (the uninhabited places don't generally record their rainfall, and it is not as interestign either). The leader for the world's wettest place is Lloró, a municipality and town in the Chocó Department of Columbia, with a record average annual precipitation of 523.6 inches (13.3 meters!).

Flash flooding in Manilla, The Philippines
Flash flooding in Manilla, The Philippines


Location, Country Total Rainfall  
1. Lloró, Colombia 13,299.4 mm 523.6 inches
2. Mawsynram, India 11,872 467
3. Mt Waialeale, Kauai, Hawaii, USA 11,684 460
4. Cherrapunji, India 10,795 425
5. Debundscha, Cameroon 10,287 405
6. Quibdo, Colombia 8,991 354
7. Bellenden Ker, Queensland, Australia 8,636 340
8. Andagoya, Colombia 7,137 281
9. Henderson Lake, British Colombia, Canada 6,502 256
10. Crkvica, Bosnia 4,648 183


Old Comments

  • Hokitika on the west coast of New Zealands south island gets over 10 metres per year. (from coaster, Nov 2012)
  • Definitely Ireland ... (from Bellissimo, Sept 2012)
  • UK. All it does is rain
  • Agumbe in India recieves around 7500mm of rain every year (from Sreekar, March 2012)
  • Thank u for this info. Iam a highschool teacher that love updating info inorder to adjust lessons for  present realities. Iam a cameroonian and live around the debundscha region.But i want to ask that what about mundemba that is close to debundscha and is said to be amost wet like debundscha? Which of this two is the wettest in cameroon ? (from Ngoh mende, March 2012)
  • Columbia damn!!!! (from Panashe gwaze, Jan 2012)


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