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For a long time, the location of El Azizia in Libya was officially the hottest place on earth, with records of it once reaching a scorching 57.8 C (136°F) on 13 September 1922. However, that reading was controversial, and is now believed to have been 7-8 degrees above the actual high temperature.

On 13 September 2012, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced that the record was invalid. The world record for hottest temperature is now 56.7°C (134°F) recorded on 10 July 1913 at Greenland Ranch in Death Valley, California in the United States. Death Valley is the driest and lowest valley in the United States. Also, it is the most consistently hot spot anywhere.

death valley
Clare and Rob in Death Valley, USA

Below are some of the top hottest places on earth. In order to have some variety, only a maximum of two places per country is listed.

Location Highest Temperature notes
    degrees C degrees F  
1. Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, USA 56.7 134.0  
=2. Ghudamis, LIbia 55.0 131.0  
=2. Kebili, Tunisia 55.0 131.0 Kebili is actually a desert oasis
4. Tomboutou (Timbuktu), Mali 54.5 130.1 Timbuktu sits on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert, about 10 miles north of the Niger River. 
5. Araouane, Mali 54.4 130.0 The temperature in this remote outpost hit 130 F (54.4 C) in the summer of 1945.
6. Tirat Tavi, Israel 53.9 129.0 Tirat Tavi is the hottest place in Asia. It recorded a temperature of 129 F (54 C) in June 1942. 
7. Ahwaz, Iran 53.5 128.3  
8. Agha Jari, Iran 53.3 128.0  
9. Wadi Halfa, Sudan 52.8 127.0 In April of 1967, this city of 15,000 reached a temperature of 127 degrees F.


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