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Here is a list of the 10 big things as voted by visitors to the news.com.au website (March 2011). The winner was the Big Banana, with 371 out of the 1011 votes in total. We have been fortunate to visit many of these (as shown by our pictures), and if we have not been there yet, they are now on our travel wish list!

Best Big Things
1 Big Banana in Coffs Harbour

Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, NSW

The Big Banana
36.8% (371 votes)


Big Pineapple in Nambour

Big Pineapple, Nambour, Queensland

The Big Pineapple
23% (234 votes)


Big Merino Sheep

Big Merino, Goulburn, NSW

The Big Merino
15.3% (155 votes)


The Big Lobster

Big Lobster, Kingston, South Australia

The Big Lobster
8.2% (82 votes)




Big Golden Guitar Tourist Centre, Tamworth, NSW

The Golden Guitar
4.6% (46 votes)

6 Big Boot, Tully The Golden Gumboot, Tully, QLD
3.1% (31 votes)


The Big Beer Can
2.9% (30 votes)



Big Ned Kelly

Big Ned Kelly, Glenrowan, Victoria

The Big Ned
2.6% (27 votes)

9 Big Bundy Bottle The Big Bottle of Rum, Bundaberg, QLD
2.5% (25 votes)
10 Big Barramundi

Big Barramudi, Daintree, Queensland

The Big Barramundi
1% (10 votes)

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