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 Mexican McDonalds breakfast
a McDonald's breakfast

The following are examples of menu items from European countries, and many of the menu items reflect this. These items have been part of the menu at some stage, and may or may not be still on the menu.

McDonald's Netherlands
McKroket – 100% beef ragout and potato deep-fried to form a crispy layer around it. It's topped with a fresh mustard/mayonnaise sauce.

McDonald's Austria
Fried Brie cheese

McDonald's Italy
Vegetariana Salad – with lettuce, corn, olives, carrots, cherry tomatoes and more
Marinara Salad – with shrimps and salmon in fresh lettuce
Mediterranea Salad – with cheese and olives
Fiordiriso Salad – with rice, tuna, ham and mushrooms.
Other local varieties include: mozzarella sticks crumbed and fried, cremogelati – a soft serve gelati, caprese salad (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, soft white cheese and carrot), different frappe flavours, beer is also available!

McDonalds France
Brunch – like the big breakfast but has a croissant and a pastry

McDonald's Ireland
Shamrock Shake

McDonald's England
McQuorn burger – this is a vegetarian burger made artificially from a fungus

McDonald's Portugal
Bica – a type of espresso
Pasteis de Nata – Portuguese style cakes

McDonald's Siwitzerland
Vegi Mac – vegetarian burger

 McDonald's Sweden
"The world's first "McSki" opened in Sweden with Ski-Thru service. Skiers can ski up to the counter and order their favorite McDonald's sandwich without missing a beat on the slopes." On the menu you may find: Fisk, Kyckling och Vegetariskt, Dryck, Dips Esoch Dressing, Plusmeny, Presentcheckar, McFeast & Co, Stora Menyn, McFish & Co, ViktVŠktarmenyn med McChicken, ViktVŠktarmenyn med McGarden, McGarden & Co, McAroni inkl. mellanstor lŠsk.

McDonalds Spain
Chilled gazpacho – served in sealed plastic cups.

McDonalds Israel
McShawarma – which is essentially shawarma served in flatbread

McDonalds Russia
"Country Style Potatoes" – an imitation of "classic" Russian fried/boiled prepared potatoes

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  • Never eat 'beef' products in Crete McD's.  I swear it's not actually beef, but perhaps some of the local homeless canines.  Tastes disgusting like nothing I've tasted before, and I've eaten in many European McD's. (from Gemma, Sept 2012)


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