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Baywatch life savers Santa Barbara beach Big Dipper rollercoaster
Unusual cloud formation along the Big Sur Big Sur coastline, California Disneyland birdsong
Californain street Alli and Reg on the coast Carmel Beach, CA
Hurst Castle Missionary Church Californian mission
crab on the pier Monterey boat harbour Seagull
Clare and wooden indian Hurst indoor pool Carved grizzly bear
Joshua Tree national park Pod of killer whales Babewatch
Statue fo Mary American mexican food - giant taco Mickey Mouse
rock carved fairy Hurst Castle outdoor pool Venice beach pizza
Venice Beach, LA, CA, USA cop car at Santa Monica beach Rob and Clare in Monterey
San Diego California Dreaming Santa Barbara youth hostel
Californian Sea Lions Monterey Beach Los Angeles
Carmel Big Big Sur Surfing USA
Cottage houses traffic lights Clare meets Uncle Sam
Sunset at the Venice Beach Volleyball model woody cars


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