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Breakfast on the Road
Roadside Breakfast

by Clare

The following are our food experiences from our travels around Australia. You may have a totally different experience depending on your budget, where you travel and where you eat.

What we would miss

Before leaving on our around the world trip in 2005, there was the desire to eat some of the foods from home that we loved and knew that we would miss when we were on the road.

What am I going to miss? For the majority of Australians, Vegemite is the food that many will take with them to remind them of home and to cure any home sickness. I have been eating vegemite toast for the few days before leaving. Rob will miss Arnotts Barbeque Shapes the most!

Kraft Vegemite SpreadI think I will miss home made cooking the most, and the ability to cook food the way I like. I am unsure which food I will miss the most, so I will let you know after I have been away for a while. Our last supper was freshly caught crabs, served with crusty bread and finished with a fruit platter.

My sister in law, who grew up in Australia but now lives in California, had also requested we bring to her some Caramelo Koalas and Strawberry Freddo Frogs, chocolates that she cannot get in the States.

Australian Staple Foods

Unique Australian foods include Vegemite, a dark yeasty spread used on sandwiches. Also the sweets pavlova and lamingtons.

German JumpysFood differences around Australia

A Pie Floater is a meal found only in South Australia. And when you read the description of it, you probably realise why. It is a regular Australian meat pie that is turned upside in pea soup. Other foods we have come across in our travels are oyster pies. A food that hard to find outside of Victoria is the steamed dim sim, smothered with soy sauce of course.

Not only is there different foods availabale and popular around Australia, the words to descrive the foods can differ depending on which state you are in. Processed meats you will find called by many names. It is known as Devon, Fritz etc. In Victoria, the corner store is called a 'Milk Bar', while in many other places it is called a 'Deli'.

Indian JumpysAussie Food elsewhere

The bags of 'Jumpys' snacks shown here were discovered in shops in Germany and India. The German 'Aussie' flavoured snack tasted great, and each piece was in the shape of a cute little kangaroo. The Indian version looks like they are from the same company (or a copy) and had a spicy Indian flavour - though were old, stale and not edible.

Australian wines were found in stores throughout Europe and the US, and are well regarded around the world.


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