Turkey Photos

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taken in Turkey, 2005

Blue Mosque in Istanbul Three lonely pillars in Assoss, Turkey Boats in the harbour
Clare by the seaside Turkish bread Turkish breakfast
Mosque at night Turkish carpet shop Old Roman etching
Roman ruins Fairy Chimney in Cappadocia Interior of a mosque
Donkeys getting some shade Turkish meal in the countryside Crowds inside the blue mosque
Ampitheatre steps Turkey flag Dried fruits and grains
Interior of a mosque Rock house in central Turkey Rob on safari
Unusual rock formations in Turkey Inside our fairy chimney Mosque
Old Roman tiling Turkish homewares Chicken Kebab
looking up Turkish Ladies Ephesis Roman ruins
For sale cave catholic church ceiling Blue mosque not so blue
Wall detail Lanterns Nesting birds in Selchuk
Old jars Quiet in the mosque Looking up
Pillar shadows Still life Roman ruins inTurkey
Rock paintings Pretty and dangerous For sale
Builing detail Tbale setting Turkish tea
Toffee seller Lonely tree Ruin detail
Underground city Relaxing lunch Carpet weaver


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