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Even while travelling in English speaking countries, you need to know the local name in order to ask where to find one. The word toilet can be used to refer to the fixture itself or the room containing it. In North American English, the word toilet refers to the fixture itself and not to the room that it is in. Asking for the toilet may seem offensive to some people. Instead, the commonly used terms are bathroom, rest room, washroom or men's room/ladies room. Else where in the English speaking world you may need to ask for a bathroom (UK), toilet (Australia), WC (France) or maybe the 'little boy's/girl's room'!

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In foreign speaking countries, one of the first things you should do is learn a few words, including the words for the bathroom and how to ask where it is. You should also get to know the slang words, such as in Australia you should ask for the 'dunny'. Otherwise you may have to resort to the universal signal of hopping around with your legs together to indicate your desire. Knowing the names of the the men's and women's rooms is also vital to save embarrassment. The universal symbols used on the toilet doors for men and women are a lifesaver. One of our favourite door signs was in the Northern Territory of Australia where tropical fruits are popular, with the doors indicating Mangoes and No Mangoes for the men's and women's respectively.

Phrases asking for the toilet



english translation


Nhà vệ sinh (toilet) ở đâu ạ?

Where is the bathroom?


Gdje je toalet?

Where is the toilet?


Дзе туалет?

Where's the bathroom?

Some Example of Foreign Words for Toilet





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