Singapore always seems to be a stopover on our way through to other Asian countries. Consequently, we have explored the airport several times. If you want to stay and explore, the airport is like a mini city. I recommend the cactus garden and butterfly garden, for some fresh (humid!) air and a drink at the bar. You can also have a meal and watch a movie for free.

Cactus garden at the Singapore Changi Airport
Airport Garden

The best thing to do though if you have a few hours to spare, is to go on the great free tour of the city, which is organised by the airport people. In 2004 we finally went on a real holiday to Singapore, and stayed 11 days.

The city itself has an interesting colonial history, with numerous old buildings to explore. Singapore is very clean, and the people friendly. You may get a few bargains on electrical goods. Some great food can be had in the food stalls to be found everywhere.

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