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Bitcoin has become a powerful trading tool in many sectors: health, food, educational, and hospitality sectors. Cryptocurrency is a completely-owned digital asset with which you can make purchases on goods and services online and offline. The cryptocurrency market works with blockchain, which makes transactions secure and verified.

This security of the blockchain technology makes Bitcoin ideal for traveling internationally. With travel sites, you can buy dogecoin on Paybis and use it to book trips anywhere in the world.

Travel Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency

If you're a crypto enthusiast, the chances are that you must have searched the internet for travel sites that accept virtual currencies. If that sounds like something you have done, you're not alone, as many others have done so.

Below are seven travel sites that accept cryptocurrency as payments for flights;


You probably didn't know that Bitcoin has a travel site with which you can book flights. The site also has one of the most comprehensive lists of companies and businesses of any kind that accept Bitcoin. The site is beginner-friendly; it lets you filter through places, airports, fares, stops, dates, and times. This platform's user-friendly design and responsiveness have recently contributed to its growth. Everything that needs to be done to make your travel arrangement adequate can be done on the site.


This site provides bookings to over 200 countries, territories, and over 2 million hotels and traveling accommodations. Travala offers its bookings at 40% cheaper rates than competing travel platforms. In addition, the site lets you pay with debit and credit card, and also cryptocurrency. This is not surprising, considering the site was founded as a blockchain-based travel booking platform.

On a side note, several promotional offers are made by this travel site that continues to attract crypto enthusiasts to it.


CheapAir is a flight service that provides several flights, hotels, and car rentals that offer affordable flight rates. The site is user-friendly as it lets you search through options such as flight types, departure and arrival stops, and dates. CheapAir accepts cryptocurrency and is great for people traveling on a budget.


Destinia lets you book flights, hotels, cars, buses, skis, airport lounges, and transfers, as well as train using Bitcoin or mBTC. The travel site is also great for planning and organizing vocational trips such as honeymoons and festivals. As long as you have your cryptocurrency, as in Bitcoin, there is nothing you cannot do on Destinia.

buying tickets at Air Asia buying tickets at Air Asia


BTCtrip website is packed with offers for flights, fashion week yoga festivals, and many other destinations that you can book with Bitcoin. One of those travel sites makes trading in the cryptocurrency market for traveling purposes easy. You don't have to be a pro to access the services available on the site; a single click and everything is at your disposal.


Expedia is easy to navigate and use; the site lets you make bookings with your Bitcoin without stress. However, Expedia only allows Bitcoin for hotel bookings alone; every other of your bookings will have to be done with your credit or debit card.


TravelByBit lets you use cryptocurrencies to book flights and hotels via its partnership with one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the US. More so, you have an opportunity to earn rewards if you become a regular user of the site. So, go ahead and buy Dogecoin and book flights to wherever your heart pleases on this travel site.

Should You Book Trips With Cryptocurrency?

More and more people are beginning to book flights and trips with cryptocurrency. This is perhaps one of the reasons you should consider booking trips with crypto – if it wasn't good, more people wouldn't join. However, before buying Dogecoin to book flights, you should weigh the pros and cons. One of the biggest advantages of booking trips with crypto is that you don't have to pay foreign exchange fees.

More so, cryptocurrency provides some stability that fiat currency hasn't provided in some countries.

Downsides to Booking Trips with Cryptocurrency

The biggest downside to booking trips with crypto is the volatility of assets in the cryptocurrency market. Values on cryptocurrencies swing wildly; crypto that'll book you a flight today may not be able to do more than buy you a meal tomorrow. In addition to that, there is no consumer protection – that means certain 'unfair' charges may occur, and you will not be able to lodge complaints.

In conclusion, the growing popularity of cryptocurrency is making booking flights and traveling to places easier. Many travel sites allow using cryptocurrency to pay for flights and make other bookings. As such, when you get to your destination, and you need to book hotels or restaurants, you are covered!

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