Rajasthan, India

13 km from Ajmer, 140 km from Jaipur, and 390 km from Dehli.

Last Visited:

Dec 99 / January 00, Rob

Why Go:

Pushkar is somewhere a little different you can visit in your trip around India. It is a holy town for the Indians, and a mellow out place for the tourists


  • Camel Fair: The 'worlds biggest' camel fair is the main attraction of Pushkar, held once a year over five days in October-November. In 2005, the fair is on from 08-15 Nov.
  • Pushkar Lake: The lake at the town's centre is one of the holiest Hindi pilgrimage sites.
  • Temples: The picturesque lake is surrounded by temples, including the only Brahma temple in the world.
  • Shopping: Along with the tourists comes a plethora of great shopping.
  • Walks: There is a nice walk up the nearby hill, with views over the whole town.
  • Camel Rides: There are several day camel treks available, which may be OK, though if you are heading to Jaisalmer you would be better off doing it from there.


  • The tranquility of the place brings many tourists, lots who stay for a while and hang out.
  • When you arrive, you will inevitably be hassled by 'brahams' trying to extract a puja (donation). They wont stop until you have the string bracelet to show you have donated.

Eating & Drinking:

  • As it is a holy place, there is no alcohol allowed in the whole town. However, you can still get 'special' drinks from many shops.
  • The is no meat eating either - so it is vegetarian fare everywhere. Lots of buffet meals are available at the tourist restaurants.

Other things you should know about:

  • If you are coming by train, you will have to go to Ajmer and then catch a bus to Pushkar.
  • There are no cars available in the town, which make it nice and peaceful.
  • Some of the hotels have a list of the rules of the town. In addition to the no alcohol and meat rule (even to the extent of banning eggs), there is no hand holding, wearing shoes, showing affection and baring your torso within 30 feet of the lake. You should obey most of these out of respect, but they don't seem to be enforced.

More information:

  • Photos taken around Rajasthan, including Pushkar


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