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Photos taken around India, 2005

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Bundi Fort Beach cricket in Goa Muslim ladies at a mosque
Manual labour - making bricks Budda statue in Hyderabad Runied arches
Carrying the Indian way Beautiful street art in India Rock cut caves in Badami
Towers of coloured powder Typical street scene Bulding through an arch
The next champion cricketer Indian family at the Taj Mahal Clare coming though a fort door
Carved feet at Elephanta Island in Bombay Street art in the making Elaborate tomb
more street art The Taj Mahal Ghandi is a big man in India
Mahal in Kahuraho Hampi landscape Women workers
Henna hand Monkey boy Elephanta Island caves
Udaipur lake palace Khajuraho Stone lattice window
Part of a building in Fatespur Sikri Marble work Hampi
Muslim boys in Agra COpy of the Sydney Opera House? Peacock in Udaipur
detail Friendly local children Hampi detail
Red Fort in Agra Sunset canoe Hampi ruins
Shadows Padleo Step well
Taj Mahal from behind Rooftops in Badami Traffic in Hyderabad
Udaipur restaurant flooded ruins Locals off to school in the back of a truck
Lady worker Scummy view of the Taj Hindu boy

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