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Animal Photo taken-in India, 2005

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Camels in RajasthanCows on the beach in GoaMonkey protector in the hillsBird in the bushFighting bucks at KahanaPainted horn on a bullMonkey and ruinsBison in the bushCamel cart in RajasthanCow on the ghats in VaranasiFriendly goatsDung beetle in the rajasthani dunesBeing blessed by a temple elephantDeer parkCows hanging out in VaranasiMonkey on a fortRock ibisTiger hunting from the back of an elephantugly muts are everywhereLazy cowsElephant having a bathCamle in AgraMonkeys taking it easyCow at the beach in IndiaElephant ride up to the fortBird taking off in JaisalmerSquirrels will take your food

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