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Other Hostels in China

Chengdu Cheap Accomodation Sim's Cozy Guesthouse B Chengdu, China
Chengdu Dreams International Youth Hostel Chengdu, China
Chengdu Wenjun Mansion Hostel Chengdu, China
Dragon Town Backpackers' Guest House Chengdu, China
Holly's Hostel Chengdu, China
Jason's nest Guest House Chengdu, China
Mix Hostel Chengdu Guesthouse Chengdu, China
Soma Hotel Chengdu, China
The Loft Hostel Chengdu, China
Xinglongyang Hotel Chengdu, China
Cathy's Property Chongqing, China
Jinjiang Inn Chongqing Chongqing, China
Jim's Tibetan Hotel Dali, China
San Ta Yuan Hotel Dali, China
Dalian Norinco Hotel Dalian, China
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Hotel Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Guotai hotel Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Jinying Hotel Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Shenzhou Hotel Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Weijing Hotel Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou White House Hotel Guangzhou, China
Shengdi Hotel Guangzhou, China
Wa King Town Hotel Guangzhou, China
Warm Yes Business hotel Guangzhou, China
Xianda Hotel Guangzhou, China
Xiangjiang Hotel Guangzhou, China
Guilin Backstreet Youth Hostel Guilin, China
Guilin Flowers Youth Hostel Guilin, China
Guilin Liangmao Hotel Guilin, China
Guilin Taihe Hotel Guilin, China
Jing Xiu Hotel Guilin, China
Tailian Hotel Guilin, China
Hangzhou International Youth Hostel Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou West Lake Hotel Hangzhou, China
Harbour Hotel (Gangwan Hotel) Hangzhou, China
MINGTOWN Garden Youth Hostel Hangzhou, China
HuangShan City Bed and Breakfast Huangshan, China
Huangshan Hot Springs Youth Hostel Huangshan, China
Huangshan International Youth Hostel Huangshan, China
LanYuan Huangshan, China
Huaneng hotel Jinan, China
Nianjiao Hotel Jinan, China
Silver plaza quancheng hotel Jinan, China
Yuquan Simpson Hotel Jinan, China
Camellia Youth Hostel Kunming, China
Kunming Cloudland Youth Hostel Kunming, China
The Hump Kunming, China
Wang Gu Cheng Inn Lijiang, China
Mingyuan Youth Hostel Luoyang, China
Nanjing Danfeng International Hotel Nanjing, China
Nanjing Fuzimiao International Youth Hostel Nanjing, China
Paradise Hotel Nanjing, China
Nanning Hengchuan Hotel Nanning, China
JinJingLou Hotel Pingyao, China
PingYao Harmony Backpacker Guesthouse Pingyao, China
Pingyao Yide Hotel Pingyao, China
Tian Yuan Kui Hotel Pingyao, China
Yamen Hostel Pingyao, China
Zhengjia Hotel Pingyao, China
Hai Yi Hotel Qingdao, China
Huayuan Hotel Qingdao, China
Qingdao Champs Elysees Business Hotel Qingdao, China
Qingdao Kaiyue International Youth Hostel Qingdao, China
Xindi Hotel Qingdao, China
Sanya Blue Sky International Youth Hostel Sanya, China
Sanya Eagle Backpackers Hostel Sanya, China
Bao Long Homelike Hotel (Hong Qiao) Shanghai, China
Captain Hostel Shanghai, China
City Hotel Shanghai Shanghai, China
Ganyuan Hotel Shanghai, China
Golden Island Hotel Shanghai, China
Home Inns hotel Xu Jia Hui Shanghai, China
Hu Jiang Hotel Shanghai, China
Huaying Hufang Hotel Shanghai, China
Hui Jing Hotel Shanghai, China
Jinwan Hotel Shanghai, China
Koala International Youth Hostel Shanghai, China
Le Tour Shanghai Youth Hostel Shanghai, China
Li Du Hotel Shanghai, China
Liangliang Hotel Shanghai, China
Ling Long Hotel Shanghai, China
MINGTOWN Etour Youth Hostel Shanghai, China
MINGTOWN Hiker Youth Hostel Shanghai, China
Oriental City Hotel Shanghai, China
Qian Dao Hu Hotel Shanghai, China
Shanghai City Central Youth Hostel (Utels) Shanghai, China
Shanghai Dong Shi Hotel Shanghai, China
Shanghai Jin Jiang Y.M.C.A Hotel Shanghai, China
Shanghai Maggie International Youth Hostel Shanghai, China
Shanghai Metropole Hotel Shanghai, China
Shanghai Pujiang YH Shanghai, China
Shanghai Sheng Xian Ju Hotel Shanghai, China
Small World Hotel Shanghai, China
Villas Hotel Shanghai, China
Shenyang City Central Youth Hostel Shenyang, China
My Little Hut Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Hedong Hotel Shenzhen, China
Suzhou International Youth Hostel Suzhou, China
Tian Bo Hotel TianJin, China
Tianjin First Hotel Tianjin, China
WuHan Pathfinder international Youth hostel Wuhan, China
Bell Tower Youth Hostel Xi'an, China
7 Sages hostel Xi'an, China
Aurum International Hotel Xi'an, China
Bob`s Guesthouse Xi'an, China
Canaan International Hotel Xi'an, China
City Hotel Xi'an, China
Fukang Inn Xi'an, China
Han Tang Inn International Youth Hostel Xi'an, China
Jie Fang Hotel Xi'an, China
Shaan Xi Wen Yuan Hotel Xi'an, China
Shenpeng Hotel Xi'an, China
Xi'an Fenghe Int'l Youth Hostel Xi'an, China
Xi'an Shuyuan International Youth Hostel Xi'an, China
Overseas Tibetan Hotel Xiahe, China
New Era Garden Serviced Apartment Xiamen, China
Xiamen Gulangyu International Youth Hostel Xiamen, China
XiaMen International Youth Hostel Xiamen, China