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These notes were made during a short trip to Germany. These are just our food experiences and you may have a totally different experience depending on your budget, where you travel and where you eat.

Notes made September 2005

Munich is a very modern city, and the cuisine is similar, very modern and influenced by international styles. Among others, there are many Asian and Italian influenced retuarants. The beer houses however, of which there are many all over town, are usually the ones to serve the more traditional Bavarian food. Apparantly Germans invented the ‘stand up cafe’ system. Usually a cafe/bakery where you can order a snack and coffee to have standing in the shop at a table, very quick and cheap for busy people.
Weiswurst, or white sausageSausages
Such a huge range of sausages. The most famous of which is the Weiswurst, or white sausage. It is made with a real intestine with white sausage meat. The sausage is boiled and when cooked is sliced open for just the flesh to be eaten from within. The taste is quite mild and herb flavoured. Traditionally served with a Brezen, some sweet mustard and a frothy beer before 12 noon.
Traditional meal
A night out at the Augustiner beer hall allowed us to try some local specialties, including;

German BreadCheese
Brie and Camembert cheese are very cheap here and are readily available. A local specialty cheese is Camembert cheese mixed with red peppers cumin and spring onions (?). It comes out a salmony colour and is very delicious and can be eaten with bread as a dip.
Bread or Brot
Lots of quality bread shops, with a large mix of different types from white to hearty grain and seeded breads. Brezen is very common, it is the same as a pretzel, and come plain (which is salted), or with grilled cheese and/or ham. Also lots of pastry options on offer.
Oktoberfest food
Since we happen to be in Munich for Oktoberfest, I have had a chance to experience all the food eaten at Oktoberfest, of which much is typical Bavarian food.

Nordsee - the takeaway seafood chain from Austria is here as well
Strudel - a baked pastry dessert, unlike what I imagined. Soft layers of pastry with fruit layers in between. Apple the most famous, but other fruit fillings are available. Best served warm with cream or ice cream.
Malt like buscuits (as in Hungary) usually a specialty at Christmas time
Oktoberfest beer drinkingDrinks