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As well as the foodstuffs available at McDonalds, the brands of soft drinks (sodas) that are on offer also vary from country to country. Often local brands are available on tap alongside the Coca-Cola Company brands to satisfy local tastes and preferences.

For example, the brand Irn-Bru in Scotland and Guarana in Brazil are more popular in those countries than the leading international brands.

For some time, outlets in the UK offered "McDonald's Cola" rather than Coca-Cola, for legal reasons.

In Peru, McDonald's lost the spot of number one fast-food restaurant to a local chain Bembos, when it was heavily criticised for not stocking Inca Kola. Of course McDonald's now serves Inca Kola alongside Coca-Cola.

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  • I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY mC dONALDS WILL NOT CARRY SUGAR FREE LEMONAID OR LITE LEMONAID???? I AM A DIABETIC and as you know choices are few and far between.Why can't you develope a frozen sugar free strawberry or rasbeery lemonaid ? (from mary anne brookhart, July 2012)
  • When did McDonald's change from Pepsi to Coke? (from connie, May 2012)
  • Why doesn't McDonalds carry Pepsi products along side of Coca Cola and give people their choice? (from Chuck Rice, May 2012)


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