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Breakfast at McDonalds is an institution for some people. Here are a few examples of McDonalds breakfast meals that have been available in different countries. They may or may not still be part of the menu today.

In France of course the croissant is very popular, especially for breakfast. They have a brunch choice of a croissant, a pastry, yoghurt and tea or coffee. They also have real coffee not instant like in many countries.  

A breakfast special in Hong Kong is bacon and egg twisty pasta - chicken broth with tomato, cabbage, carrots, corn and peas. The bacon and egg are added on the top. Fillet of fish is also on the breakfast menu.

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  • ┬áit is so hard to get a answer from your web site. i just want to know if i got rip one egg and sausage mcmuffin 3.19 and one ham and egg mcmuffin 2.99 plus tax {tax is not your fault} total 6.98 have your prices gone up that. Dave from ottawa on ca


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