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Spanish food is the quintessential Mediterranean diet! Lots of oil in preparation, main meals eaten between 2 and 3pm, with a supper around 8pm. Alcohol, beer or wine is often consumed with the main meal at lunch. Seafood is plentiful with all the coast line. Food and drink is often more expensive when consumed on a terrace, compared with inside the restaurant.

These notes were made during a short trip to Spain. These are just our food experiences and you may have a totally different experience depending on your budget, where you travel and where you eat.

Menu del dia

Menu of the day usually consists of three courses, with a choice at each, and including bread, coffee and occasionally wine.

spanish omeletteSpanish omelette


Tapas is described as snack foods eaten with a drink at any time of the day. A Racion is a larger serving of tapas. Some of the items to choose from include;

Paella: Saffron seasoned rice dish, cooked with either seafood, chicken, meat, vegetables or a combination. Not as exciting a taste as I had imagined, mostly just salty rice, often with overcooked seafood.


Gazpacho: Cold soup which is usually vegetable based

Bocadillo: Half a baguette with tapas or salad filling.

Churros: Deep fried long skinny dough, was a similarity we found to central America, although this time covered with chocolate


Sangria: A popular drink with tapas, punch made with red wine, brandy, juice or sweet mineral water, sugar and cinnamon, served with fruit pieces in a carafe.

Sangriaenjoying a sangria by the seaside




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