Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali, located in the hills away from the more populous coast. We visited here in 2002, 2012, and lived here in 2014.

Top 10 Places to See and Things to Do in Ubud

  1. visit the Monkey Forest
  2. See cultural dances
  3. do a cooking class, or some other class such as language, art or dance.
  4. shop of wood carvings at nearby villages
  5. visit the Ubud market.
  6. Take a walk through the nearby rice fields. There are guided tours you can do too.
  7. visit the art galleries and maybe even buy a piece of Bali art to take home.
  8. Ubud Palace.
  9. eat wonderful food for any budget.
  10. Blanko Museum.

waiting in Bali
waiting in Bali

Top Places to See and Things to Do near Ubud

  1. Elephant Safari Park, 14km north of Ubud.
  2. Visit Petulu at dusk to see the egret and herons come home to roost.
  3. Gunung Kawi, Tampakiring - ancient monuments (10 rock cut candi/shrines), 18 km north-east of Ubud
  4. Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah) - 2 km south-east of Ubud on the road to Bedulu. Nearby is a rock carving Yeh Pulu.
  5. Crazy Buffalo Temple.
  6. Botanic Gardens

rice fields near Ubud
rice fields near Ubud

Top Places to See and Things to Do for Children in Ubud

  1. Elephant Safari Park, 14km north of Ubud
  2. Do a class such as dancing.
  3. Monkey Forest.

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