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Food Photo taken-in India, 2005

Fish Thali plate Honeycomb in thorns Camel guide chef Markets in Agra Fresh seafood at Goa Ginger tea (chai) Outdoor oven The coke is alive southern Indian thali betel seller Indian curry Chickens for sale Spinach curry indian food groups All types of rice for sale Camel safari cook Indian breakfast Hanging chickens These bananas are hot Idli Having a indian chai Fresh fruit market in Varanasi North Indian Thali oranges A great place for a meal in Bundi Preparing breakfast Whipping up some nodles Watch out for these unknown vegetables Thali all round Some bananas for the elephant Tropical curry tropical fruits of india chart Young omelette maker Stall at Chowpatty beach in Mumbai Sunny dish Bags of grain at the market market men waiting for a sale A feast Australian influences are everywhere This tree is food Indian uttapam market stands


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