If you visit Toronto, you’ll soon find it’s one of the world’s most fun cities. It has amazing food, some quirky neighborhoods, and some excellent sports venues. You should enjoy your time there and make some memories you’ll cherish in the coming years.

We’ll discuss some activities you might enjoy there right now. Consider these options if you’re visiting Toronto this year.


You can locate some fun mini-golf courses in Toronto if you look around. In the US, you can find some of the best mini-golf courses in Myrtle Beach and other resort towns, but the Toronto ones outshine them all.

The Scarborough Putting Edge in Scarborough gets major points. You might think it’s the city’s best if you spend some time there.

It has some incredibly complex obstacles that will challenge even the most skilled players. You might also check out Vaughan Putting Edge in Woodbridge. They have a light-up course that’s quite difficult.

Toronto City HallToronto City Hall

Check Out the Rodgers Center

You might visit the Rodgers Center. It’s one of the most impressive sports venues in all of Canada. You can watch the Blue Jays play there.

The Blue Jays have not won a World Series in many years, but they’re usually contenders in the American League East. On nights when they battle the hated Yankees, the stands fill up, and the crowd gets raucous. If the Jays can beat the Yankees, the place always goes crazy.

Take a Dinner Cruise on a Northern Spirit Boat

You can also take a romantic dinner cruise if you’re there with a spouse or partner. These cruises last a couple of hours, and the boats drift slowly and peacefully along, so you should have no problems if you get seasick.

The Northern Spirit company has several boats, so you should have no trouble getting tickets. You can sip some wine and have a leisurely meal with your loved one. The cruise will conclude early enough so you can explore the city for the rest of the night after you dock.

Take a Harbor Sightseeing Tour

You might also stay out on the water and take a sightseeing tour. Toronto’s harbor sees plenty of ship traffic, and you also have notable buildings around you.

The captain can show you around and speak about all the sights you pass. They can also talk about each of the islands. The live commentary informs you about this special place, so you’re learning while you have fun.

Toronto HarbourToronto Harbour

Take a Helicopter Tour

If you have a bigger vacation budget, you might also book a helicopter tour. That costs more, but you get an incredible birds-eye view.

The helicopter tour lasts for just a few minutes, but you can see the buildings in a way you can’t if you are walking or driving around. You can look down at the people hurrying by on the sidewalk and feel like a big shot for a while.

Take a Niagara Falls Day Tour

If you’ve never seen Niagara Falls before, you should check it out. On the American side, you can see where Marilyn Monroe appeared in the movie Niagara. Over on the Canadian side, you can hop on a riverboat that will take you near the majestic falls. There’s nothing else quite like them.

You can take a luxury boat trip that shows you the falls, and you also get a tasty lunch. You can get close enough so you can feel the spray. 

You can sense the surging power, but you’re never in any danger. You also get narration about the falls and the famous people who have gone over them in various boats, barrels, etc.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

If you like undersea life, you might check out Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. This huge facility has hundreds of fish and other aquatic species, like octopi, crabs, sting rays, and many more.

You can watch the sharks swim slowly by and shudder when you see their teeth. It’s like watching Jaws come to life. You can find the aquarium at the CN Tower’s base.

You can also learn about conservation efforts underway around the world. You’ll find out about endangered ocean animals and their habitats. You can learn ways that you unknowingly pollute the oceans and how you can modify that behavior.

Visit Toronto Island Park

You can also walk around Toronto Island Park. This park goes on and on, with paths, fountains, and so many flower beds. In the spring and summer, their fragrance almost overwhelms you. You can see their many vibrant colors and watch the bees that pollinate them.

You can see the CN Tower’s majestic needle rising in the background. You can sit down on the lawn and enjoy a picnic lunch. You might take some pictures that you’ll feature on social media. Many Instagram photo shoots happen in the park.

You Can Visit St. Lawrence Market

You might feel like you should get some fresh fruit when it’s in season. You can get fresh fruits, veggies, fish, poultry, and much more at the historic St. Lawrence Market.

Getting raw food doesn’t make much sense if you’re staying in a hotel, but if you got an AirBnB with a full kitchen, you might buy some food for dinner that night. You will find great deals there, and it’s all very fresh. You’re also stimulating the local economy this way.

You might love Toronto if you spend a few days there. It has so many different sights, and you’ll find friendly, engaging people everywhere.

The Toronto citizens like showing off their city. You’ll find them charming and always ready if you need directions or a recommendation.

You might finish your day by visiting one of the bars in the downtown area. Clockwork Champaign and Cocktails always draws a young professional crowd. Pravda Vodka Bar might work for you as well.

You should make some fun memories in this magical city that you can look back on fondly.




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