Victoria, Australia

Daylesford is a historic town central to the Spa Country, situated about 1.5 hours from Melbourne.

We visited in January 2008, and stayed at the Daylesford Victoria caravan park, which was very nice and just a short walk to the lake. Another caravan and camping option is the Lake Jubilee Park, which is situated right on the shire of this lake. Although it is further from town, it is a good option if it is hot and you would like to use the lake to cool off. If you are coming in wintertime, be aware that it snows here most years, so be prepared. In summer it will usually be a cooler retreat from the heat of Melbourne (if it ever does get hot!).

Many people come here the enjoy the surrounding mineral springs. A lot of alternative lifestyle places have been developed to cater for the tourists. There is a naturalist retreat, which I think means you can get your gear off with others. You may also want to relax with a spa, do some yoga, or just enjoy the natural surroundings.

Lake Daylesford
Lake Daylesford

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