Travel has never been more accessible thanks to Senior Travel Buddies, a revolutionary new platform connecting seniors with like-minded individuals for companionship as they traverse the world. The concept behind the business is simple: to provide seniors with the same opportunity to travel and explore the world as the young do, with someone who shares their interests and values. Anyone can subscribe to these perks with a minimal subscription fee. 

The founder of Senior Travel Buddies was inspired to create the platform after experiencing the difficulties of solo travel as a 73-year-old senior. She realized that many seniors struggle with the same issues, such as feeling lonely or unsafe when traveling alone or just wanting someone to share the adventure. 

travel buddies travel buddies

Senior Travel Buddies provides a solution that allows seniors to connect effortlessly with others with similar travel preferences. They can then plan and schedule excursions together, starting with short jaunts to get to know each other, giving them the support and security they need when traveling alone. It is especially advantageous for elders with restricted mobility or other health challenges, as they can travel with someone who understands their restrictions and can potentially assist them with their needs.

One of the company's unique features is the “Your Matches” service. This service matches seniors with compatible travel companions based on the interests, values, and preferences they’ve noted in their Senior Travel Buddies profiles. Thus, seniors can travel in peace, knowing they are accompanied by someone who will make the trip memorable.

travel buddies travel buddies

Senior Travel Buddies is a game-changer.  It addresses the lack of companionship many seniors face. As people age, they may find that their friends and family can no longer travel with them or that they might’ve lost partners with whom they can travel. Senior Travel Buddies fills this gap, connecting seniors with like-minded individuals excited to explore the world together.

The company’s focus on connecting seniors with compatible travel buddies enhances their travel experience and helps seniors continue to make beautiful memories. If you or someone you know is a senior looking for someone to travel with, look no further. 

Register with Senior Travel Buddies. Yearly subscription costs are as low as $19.95 a year, and with their help, you can turn traveling as a senior into a great memory.

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