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These maximum recorded speeds recorded for mammals are measured over various short distances. The values and list order is different from the top animal speed list as that list is based over a standard quarter-mile distance. This list only includes land based mammals, the bat may have just missed making this list, but there may be others.

You may notice discrepancies between this list and the World's Fastest Animals list, which just highlights the difficulties in measuring speed, whether average or maximum recorded speeds are used, and averaged over what distance.

Mammal maximum recorded speed
    (kph) (mph) notes
1. Cheetah - an animal built for speed. The Cheetah is indigenous to south-western Asia and Africa. 114 71 In 2009, a Cheetah from the Cincinnati Zoo set a world best time of 6.13 seconds for 100 meters. See video
2. Pronghorn antelope 95 57  
=3. Blue Wildebeest (brindled gnu) 80 50  
=3. Springbok 80 50  
=3 Lion 80 50  
=6. Brown hare 77 48  
=6. Red Fox 77 48  
=8. Grant's gazelle 76 47  
=8. Thomson's gazelle 76 47  
10. Horse 72 45  

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