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Indian Elephant taking a bath, India
Elephant taking a bath in India

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The world's longest living animals

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This list of the longest living animals excludes humans, which live on average between 70-80 years in most parts of the world. The oldest confirmed recorded age is 122 years (Jeanne Calment), though some people are reported to have lived longer (ref: Wikipedia).

This list is an estimated average age. Individuals of each species may live a lot longer than the age listed. For some animals it is hard to know exactly how long it really lives - in many cases probably no one knows the right answer. Some of these figures may differ from other lists as some record the the longest one has ever lived, while others the average age at death.

Animal Maximum Age (Years)
1. Quahog (marine clam) up to 200
2. Giant tortoise 150
3. Greek tortoise 110
4. Killer whale 90
5. European eel 88
6. Lake sturgeon 82
7. Sea anemone 80
8. Elephant 78
9. Freshwater mussel 75
=10. Whale Shark 70
=10. Andean condor 70


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